Zachary –


Zachary is most definitely confident if there’s one word. HeA’s got gorgeous blue-green eyes and is a great swimmerA. Would anyone be surprised to learn that you do this? He said, “Anybody I knew…like my friends …”.” They wouldn’t be surprised. “They wouldn’t be shocked. It’s quite funny, I believe, that he has come up with so many ways to use it. He explained, “IA have set sexual goals for me.” Except for Mile High Club, all IA’s have met. IA have to fly three times to return home. Also, IA have three more opportunities to enter! Do you believe youA’ll be able to do it?” “Well, I think if I see a beautiful girl next to me, IA’m going be buying her drinks!”

From: seancody
Date: August 10, 2022
Category: Gay

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