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Deep in erie suburban calm, Kira Noir waits patiently for her huge step-brother Mickey to go home and play with her. A gorgeous babe with a lithe dancers body and also an undeniably masochistic sensuality, she’s dedicated to the D/s contract that they made years ago. Unfortunately for everyone, Mickey is coming home with his sexy new punk rock girlfriend Leigh Raven in tow, ready to present her to the family and place his taboo past with Kira behind his or her Thinking nobody is home, he begins making out with Leigh and tries to bring her to his room, only to be redeemed by Kira who takes no pains to conceal her disapproval of alt girl Leigh and leaves it clear she is still her brothers amount one. Leigh is a bit shaken, but shortly soothed by hot intercourse and also an introduction into Mickeys old sex toy set in his sack. Flogged, clamped, throat fucked, designed to react to commands, gagged and fucked within an inch of her life, Leigh is a perfect tattooed slut, oozing with sensual electricity and cumming over and over on Mickeys cock. Aroused by the looks of Mickey fucking, Kira arrives to watch the fun and rub her cunt hungrily through his bedroom window. She gets caught and waved off by Mickey, but not before she gets her pussy all wet seeing the new girlfriend get pounded. She lays the rope out and the electrical toys in her old bedroom and begs for him to emerge punish her for peeping. Without fail, Mickey storms has his own rage converted to sexual heat by Kiras submissive desire. Put into a tight legged situation tie at which she needs to keeps her arms behind her back choke out herself, Kira takes her punishment with joy. She shakes with bliss when shocked repeatedly and asks for more, getting her soaked cunt cattle prodded multiple occasions. Mickey clamps her little tits, and she moans and drools till she gets her tight ass pounded by her enormous step-brothers enormous cock. She obediently chokes out herself when controlled, cumming along with her eyes rolling back in her head. Mickey warns this was the last time and retreats from her room, but there’s no previous time for Kira. She searches and seduces Leigh from the family kitchen, compelling her she will have to be an anal pro to maintain Mickey in a relationship and gives to teach her how. Entirely falling for the snare, Leigh has her perfect body stripped as she innocently listens to instructions, holding holes, taking hard cane strokes, and finally getting her ass licked and fucked from Kira. As Kira planned, Mickey comes from his errand to locate them fucking in the kitchenleaving him no choice but to place them in line. A rigorous zipper, even more harsh caning, orgasm anal, training, torture, and anal fisting deliver this new triad into a kinky unity, together with Kira thankfully on the floor dose the new bunch.

From: Milfgigi.com
Date: September 4, 2020
Category: Bondage

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