Too Much, Too Soon –


We know that is going to be a great place for an afternoon of fun when a man answers our question about his day. We know that the extra big dicks will be entertained by the smooth, sexy and hot Robert. Robert is one of the few men who can use the camera as well. We saw this when Yankee tried the 8.5A thick hooded inch hoodies. Robert is just as good with other people as he is alone. We caught up with Robert just days before his 21st birthday. We served Robert a slice of ass, rather than giving him cake. When Todd Maxwell, a pornstar on, drove Eli through the streets of our brother site, we first saw him. It was obvious that Eli, who is a powerful bottom and loves being ridden, would make a great partner for Robert. Robert quickly places his hands on EliA’s forehead and directs the mouth to the south. RobertA immediately pulls his pants down and opens RobertA’s jeans. After a few skilled licks RobertA’s cock becomes fully stiff and is teasing EliA’s back. Robert is now more than just being there for the ride. He has taken the reins and controls, shooting at EliA with his fat, needy, cock and attacking EliA with primal dirty talks. Robert is standing above Eli and Eli pulls his own cock out to stroke. Robert initially starts to fuck his face but soon realises that he only needs to stand still and allow EliA’s head to move back and forth. As they discuss the activities, back and forth is the dominant phrase. Eli bends over to match RobertA’s movements and pushes his hips forward so that he can get every inch. Robert pounded away at the wall so quickly that it sounded like a Latin dance group’s percussion section. RobertA moves to Eli’s bed and Eli manages to fit RobertA’s anal attack in one slow, deliberate insertion. Robert then flips Eli over on his back, grabs his ankles and begins to pound away at EliA twice as hard. Robert raises his back and covers EliA with thick layers of leather. Soon, he adds white frosting from EliA’s feet. Robert initially said he was just a horny guy who wanted to have fuck. But, he leaves us saying “I had fun!”

From: extrabigdicks
Date: August 22, 2022
Category: Gay

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