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AEURoeI didn’t know how tiny your husbands penis was.aEUR Raevyn tells Jasmine. She adds, aEURoeYou donaEUR ™t want to fuck him.aEUR Jasmine giggles. Jasmine says she only had one fling with him, but she’s been having a steady flow of studs since. Raevyn questions Jasmine if she has a relationship with men when her husband is away. Jasmine states that she informs him when she has a man over, but heaEUR ™, is usually away or at work. The ladies use hubby to be their footrests, lol. Jasmine claims that she doesn’t let hubby even see her pussy. Raevyn believes that itaEUR(tm),s is good, because he doesnaEUR ™t see her pussy when she pulls up her skirt. This exposes her little landing area. Jasmine raises and takes off her pants, exposing her pussy. Hubby remains obediently focused on Jasmine. He shoves her pantyhose into his mouth, and she presses in the pants with her toes. Raevyn inquires whether he ever fluffs Jasmine’s boyfriend. Jasmine replies that he rarely does as her negative reaction to looking at him is affecting her mojo. I do not want him there. I need him to help me meet people by setting up dates or buying things. IaEUR ™.ll also take pictures and videos. But I donaEUR ™.t want him in my room. Jasmine says. Jasmine says that her boyfriends would find it a problem to see hubby at the table. Jasmine talks about Jasmine’s weekend with her boyfriend, while she works. She also discusses some of the unpleasant tasks that hubby has to do everyday. It’s so nice to have small talks with girlfriends. This is embarrassing for the hubby, but it’s just how life works.

Date: July 13, 2022
Category: General

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