The total destruction of.. –


Part 3 of 4 from the June Live Show Mondays features Rain DeGrey, Isis Love, and we are now just over 30 minutes into our show. We don’t know what replaced Rain. Her helpless body is still being purged by us. Every orifice in her body is now leaking liquid. Her body is trying everything to escape, her natural defense mechanism are trying to rescue her. We make her squirt, and the vibrator makes it go crazy. IsisA’s fist causes her to cum, and her system attempts to turn off. Mix it all up. Rain falls asleep, and her body attempts to shut down. We shock her back into consciousness, and we continue the assault. SEE AT YOUR OWN Risk. NO MODEL HAD BEEN INJURED IN THIS FILMING.

From: hogtied
Date: July 6, 2022
Category: Bdsm

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