The Puppet Master –


PHOTO GALLERY SLIDESHOW – Miss Alyssah owns a unique toy, a living BDSM aEURoeDollaEUR (“Trisha Uptown”) that she can take out and play whenever she wants! Just as she had left it, her doll is still attached to her bed. When she arrives, she informs Alyssah that there is a playdate. Alyssah dresses her up and applies rouge makeup to her cheeks and lips. Our little doll is now properly dressed and taken to the dungeon. She’s rigged up as a marionette with ballet point boots. Miss Alyssah makes the most of her position as master aEURoepuppet and literally pulls stringsaEUR making Alyssah’s dolly move and conform to her will. Alyssah, so happy with her diligence that she rewards her doll with an amazing orgasm. This film combines high performance art with extreme BDSM eroticism!

Date: September 18, 2022
Category: Domination

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