The Pain Doesn’t Mean You.. –


The scene begins with Miss Jasmine sitting on boxes and chatting about shoes. Shoes shopping, finding shoes that are lost, prodding slaves with shoes. Staci states that she’d like her heels to cause a slave to suffer, and asks Staci if it would be a good idea to drag one in. Jasmine says to her that she should look behind her and see a slave standing out in front of her. Both ladies leap up to take the crop. After a couple of strokes on the crop and some pokes with his heels, you’ll see the slave is very nervous. Although he is still in darkness, everything except his head is visible. He knows Jasmine will not hesitate to hurt him if necessary. Jasmine tells Staci that you can remove the lid and use it as a toilet. But not before she gives the slaves their cock, balls and nipples a thorough cleaning. As the slave turn away from his pain, the ladies giggle and laugh. However, it doesn’t do anything but open other areas like his sex. Staci finally decides that she’s ready to go. She takes off the lid and pulls out her large cock to go in the urinal. “Open up. She tells her slave to open his eyes. They expect him to swallow it all, even though he might be suffering from pain.

Date: June 1, 2022
Category: Handjob

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