The Mighty C –


C-Lo explained his origins by explaining that he was the silent but strong type. Therefore, they called him C-Lo for his low profile. C-Lo revealed that his eight-inch, fat, uncut milky white hair is what gave him his name. This is a condition his dick rarely finds. The 21-year old Honduran Import is quiet and calm. It simmers under the surface but doesn’t take too long for it to boil. C-Lo tugged at his bulge, which was getting larger and more per minute, from the moment he entered the room. He told us that he hadn’t shot the load for three days, and that he couldn’t wait to get to the ball. We could only second his motion and let the fun begin. C-Lo raises his shirt to show off his mocha skin, while grabbing a few cargo items. The jeans sit low on C-Lo’s slim hips. We can see the lines of his obliques, which draw our attention to the middle, where his thick dark brown bush curls overtop. It was obvious that his pants were showing from the hanging prize, which was clearly visible in his black boxers. We were quickly members of the club – club as well as member – and C-Lo proudly slides his thumbs in his boxers, revealing a soft cock measuring five inches. It grows three more inches with a quick slap into his hand. His cock looks dark and heavy with a scary curve. It then taper slightly at the center to a large head which is pinkish when he pulls the skin back. C-Lo allows us to have a close encounter with the huge slab of meat. It is so thick that it can make your mouth water. He strokes freely, generously and takes as long as his fast contracting balls allow. As he begins to stroke overtime his biceps become flexed and his cock gets an inch longer as he spills 3 days of jizz over his crotch. This proves that the ‘A’loA in C-Lo does not accurately describe his sperm count.

From: extrabigdicks
Date: August 8, 2022
Category: Gay

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