The Leaky Package –


Lucas Frost is a courier who races to deliver a package to a massage parlor. He has an accident while riding his bicycle, which causes the package that heA’s transporting to be damaged. He is shocked to discover that the liquid from his package starts leaking onto his clothing. He perseveres despite the fact that the item has been damaged, and reaches the massage parlor.
Gianna Dior doesnAt like the damage to her NURU Gel when he comes. She is not pleased with her reaction, but she offered to dry and wash LucasA’s clothes. They then moved into a separate room where he could get down. HeA’s shy initially, but heA soon sheds his clothes. He takes off his clothes and plays with the NURU gel. Gianna suggests that heA try the NURU gel massage because heA is curious.
They get into the shower together to start off things. Gianna ishes LucasAs body and she begins to feel less annoyed. Lucas, on the other hand, is attracted to Lucas’ sexy masseuse. It is hard for them both to ignore his hard-core cock. Gianna is coy until Lucas and Gianna leave the shower to get on an inflatable mattress.
The oil is poured over the naked bodies of the couple and then she slides alongside him to build heat. They both want the same thing, so Gianna does not waste time and glides LucasAs cock into her sex. All is soon forgiven when Lucas offers her every pleasure she can ever desire!

From: nurumassage
Date: September 28, 2022
Category: General

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