The Inseminator: Charles.. –


The end of the world is near and the beautiful blonde Dresden has not seen another man for months. She is on a quest for water and rest when she comes across Charles Dera, a survivalist. Charles sees Dresden through the window, and he likes what it looks like. He may be able to find all the pieces he is looking for in her. He grabs her at the throat and walks over to her. Dresden attempts to shout and begs for her captor not to hurt her. Charles smiles and questions Dresden if she has had children. Charles is certain of what to do when she responds in the negative. Charles takes her to his cabin, tie her on the ground, and then he flies her in her pants. Dresden is unable to get out of this madman’s clutches and squirms. Charles quickly reveals that he is not interested in her suffering. He only wants to breed her. Dresden initially feels horrified, but after his words sink in she cannot help feeling excited. SheA’s been lonely for so many years and her pussy longs for an honest, hard-working dick. CharlesA’s cock is her begging. Once she has been granted permission to do so, she lavishes his attention and rapes on him. As he kisses her, she takes her cock in her ear and suckers his balls into her lips. She is eager to prove her captor that this breeder bitch can do it. Charles finally pushes Charles’ cock into his tight cunt. Dresden moans while Charles seduces her doggy. Charles refuses her each time she begs for a cum. SheA’s now tied up missionary, her legs stretched. Charles keeps fucking her and she cries. He cums on her pussy after she can’t bear the sensation of his cunt, then pushes the cum into her with the cock, and continues to fuck her! He cums on her cunt and then pushes all of it back to her breeding hole. Perhaps humanity does have a future.

From: sexandsubmission
Date: May 29, 2022
Category: Rough Sex

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