The Anal Initiation of.. –


Tiny brunette nympho is hung upside down and made for a fantastic anal slave via bondage, beatings, and also her mature slaves sexual debasement.This day The Upper Floor includes two ideal anal slut slaves on hand, one a bad girl fresh from the cellar, another our toughest working senior rookie. Dallas Black was dashed in for immediate initiation when we heard this sensual dynamo was prepared for hard cock in her ass that was anal. Strung down like a bit of beef, John Strong fucks her helpless throat while Rachel Madori receives her directions to the nightto flip this girl that is a servant to her cunt into a anal intercourse machine. Dallas screams delightfully as she claims to be a great woman and is rewarded with her first zipper orgasm ripped off of her tight body.The rest of the evening is spent at a party of anal slavehood and endurance experimenting using tight bondage, sloppy atm service, straps, electro torment, persistent orgasms, flogging, along with a last vote in the crowd that leaves Rachel staggering with heavy fittings weighed with locks, sobbing with effort and cumming just like a desperate whore. Well done girls!

Date: February 29, 2020
Category: Slave

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