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Bellatrix and her slave Bellatrix have been enjoying a beautiful walk in the forest, but it’s time for Bellatrix to return home. Although she’s not so tired, she doesn’t feel that way. So she asks her slave to help her get home. He groans when she says it’s only five miles. He was not grateful for the opportunity to help. She scolds the pony, pointing to his shoulders and telling him that this will be the last time he gets in between her legs. She scolds the pony severely for being such an idiot that he can’t remember which direction it’s going so she puts her weight on him. She almost hits her head against a tree as they go along the forest path. This she doesn’t appreciate. She doesn’t appreciate the bumpy ride, so she scolds him even more. Bellatrix loves to lift and carry, but now she thinks she might have taken another ponyboy along because she finds this one annoying. To have some fun, she gives him wrong directions to confuse him. ThataEUR(tm),s her brilliant idea of making lift and carrying an event at Mistress Olympics. She makes sure that he runs to ensure that he is prepared to face all other slaves.

From: clubstiletto.com
Date: July 12, 2022
Category: Anal

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