Sniff What You’re About To Eat –


Domina Ruby is happy to announce that one of her slaves will be her complete toilet slave. Every decent slave wants to get all his nutrition from his GoddessaEUR(tm). Ruby informs the boys that she will not be administering todayaEUR ™, but instead, Skylar, her friend, will. Skylar knocks on your door. She leads the couple into the next room and asks them if theyaEUR(tm),re open to receiving what she has. AEURoeWhen she returns, Ruby promises that one of them will be given a good feeding. The scene is now viewed from a different POV. She walks to the couch. Ruby rubs her stomach and pulls out the fly from her fetish pants to expose her perfect pussy. Ruby explains to him that she’s been saving her life all day and will finish the job when one slave is full. AEURoeMaybe IaEUR ™ will even fart in my face firstaEURoeshe says. Hopefully the other one will also smell it. She talks about the pleasure she gets from delivering her gift and having the slave dig his fingers into her crack. You’re probably wondering how she can make this opportunity to become her slave toilet. AEURoeI would like him to smell what sheaEUR(tm),s is about to eataEUR he says. More farting ensues, with the slave sucking SheaEUR(tm)’s anus and begging for chocolate. Finally, she is forced to aEURoinkaEUR ™. SheaEUR(tm), who is very explicit in her descriptions, asks you if it’s possible to imagine yourself being her toilet. She asks, “AEURoeWould it be okay if you were to eat it like them?” She suggests that the slave may have a bite and give it to another slave or allow the boys to share the food. You and your other slaves are called dirty names by her, as she knows how disgusting you are. She clearly recognizes that the slaves are being disciplined and she tells you to climb in to start biting her crack. You are mocked for being hard and she tells you that she will start to stroke your cock. She wants you cum on the count ten and, while she is instructing you, she would like you to pretend youaEUR ™, were eating her sch1t. You are told to count yourself down from ten, to zero, and to continue cuminating like a pig. YouaEUR(tm), she tells you, are as horrible as any of my slaves, and you can’t deny that you have a purpose in this life.

Date: July 14, 2022
Category: Smoking

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