Scent Of A Man –


Max Sargent, Jaxx Thanatos and their smell of men attire are gathered in their warehouse. They intimately touch and kiss one another while their hands drift across each other’s bodies. Both men take turns slowly smelling each other’s bodies and kissing. Max gently bends Jaxx to expose his beautiful, sassy nose and deep hole. Max teases JaxxA with his wet tongue and hands as he savors every bit of JaxxAs hairy ass. Max cannot handle the scent anymore so Max slowly presses JaxxA into his hard-core cock. Jaxx mumbles as Max begins to move his sex, moving him from position to another. Eventually, Max ends up lying on his stomach where he pulls out his thick dick and cums. Jaxx keeps on stroking his dick-u till he shoots his warm cum.

From: menover30
Date: October 1, 2022
Category: Anal

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