Parlor Tricks: Sneaky Step-Mom –


Lauren Phillips believes Nathan Bronson is her step-son and that heA’s one of the most beautiful men she has ever seen. She works with another masseuse to devise a plan so she can get Nathan back. And Nathan is due to be at the salon any moment now.
LaurenA’s colleague goes to Nathan when he arrives. Nathan tells LaurenA that he’s waiting for his stepmom to come home from work. The coworker attempts to convince him to take a massage. Nathan eventually agrees, even though it took some convincing. He follows the coworker to a private area.
Nathan takes off his shirt, and lies down face-down on the bed with his eyes shut. The massage begins. Once Nathan feels comfortable, Lauren enters the room and takes control of the massage. This is a traditional bait-and-switch. Lauren is excitedly stripping down, and she begins to slide along Nathan’s body. Her coworker stays nearby and continues the story, telling the massage. Her coworker is aware that Nathan will be rolling on his back with his eyes closed and Lauren will begin to feel his groin.
Lauren canAt resist NathanAs cock, and she wraps her lips around it. NathanA’s eyes open wide and heAs shocked to see his mom sucking him off. HeA’s shocked, but Lauren is able convince him to continue. How could Nathan say no when Nathan was so difficult and completely caught unaware? ?
LaurenA finally realizes her dream when she climbs on Nathan’s back and takes Nathan’s hard-earned cock to her wet sex. She realizes that she owes Nathan a lot as she rides Nathan.

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Date: May 19, 2022
Category: Hairy

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