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Jasons hands are tied to a chinning bar in the kitchen doorway. He is plug-gagged, collared, and wears chain-connected clover clamps. His cock and balls are tied with rope which descends to the spreader bar holding his ankles apart. Owen and Austin observe and discuss him. "The more he suffers, the better he looks," Owen says, then reminds Jason that he now belongs to him. He slaps Jason around a little, flutters the chain on the clamps. Austin eats Jasons armpits. Owen smacks his butt, then suggests they take him into the bedroom, tie him on the bed and see what other toys he has to play with. He removes the clamps and painfully massages Jasons nipples.The bedroom. Jason is spreadeagled on the bed, collared, tape-gagged. Owen lies on him, kissing and licking his tape gag and slapping his face. He teases Jason with his genitals, and ass, which remain inaccessible to Jasons gagged mouth, and taunts Jason with the fact that he cant have them. Austin finds two packs of clothespins in the box and throws them on the bed. He and Owen apply the pins on Jasons chest, inner thighs and balls. Owen tells Austin to suck Jasons now soft dick. Jasons dick stiffens as Austin sucks it and plays with the pins around his balls. Owen is about to remove the pins but Austin tells him to wait; hes found a box of candles and lights two, one for Owen and one for himself. They drip wax on Jasons chest. Jason writhes and moans through his gag. Austin drips wax on Jasons cock and balls. They remove the clothespins, painfully. Owen kisses Jasons gagged mouth. "Not bad," he says, "that must have hurt," and stares deep into Deans eyes as Austin stares at both of them.

Date: September 29, 2020
Actors: Parker
Category: Gay porn

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