Nikkos Stuck Zipper –


There is a plague of stuck zippers that seems to be hitting the girls of HD Wetting and Nikko is its latest victim.Walking along the river with Alisha Nikko is desperate to pee. Nikko wants to go pee in the pushes, but Alisha keeps delaying her, explaining the dangers of peeing in the shrubs.Finally Nikko is unable to hold on a moment longer. Despite Alishas warnings she runs into the bushes to relieve herself. She attempts to drop her pants, but encounters a problem- Her zipper is stuck. Frantically she struggles with her broken zipper, but it is no use. As she tries to get her pants down she has an accident, completely soaking her jeans.With wet pants she has no choice but to return to Alisha. It is immediately evident to Alisha that Nikko has wet herself. Nikko is humiliated and Alisha is only too happy to make fun of her.

Date: October 29, 2019
Category: Pissing

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