New diaper haul –


Because IaEUR ™, IaEUR’s special delivery arrived in the mail, IaEUR(tm). I am spending the day indoors. IaEUR ™ am wearing a purple Trouble Maker shirt, cute Pokemon socks and a fluffy Abena diaper. It was a while back that I purchased a wide range of diapers online. They finally arrived. Because I love to shop for diapers online, I have chosen different brands and colours. I can’t stop buying more, so I keep adding more to the cart. It feels like IaEUR ™, itaEUR[tm]s my birthday. IaEUR ™, am so excited to go through the diapers and show you what IaEUR (1m) have bought. I feel tingly inside from the excitement of actually putting them on. I won’t rush out to get diapers, and having them delivered at my door almost makes me as excited as the moment they are put on.

Date: August 23, 2022
Category: Kinky Fetish

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