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As Goddess Amelia needs stimulation, her slave is kept in a cage. His head can only be seen. She is playing with her pussy as the scene unfolds. Her slave looks at her and says, “Are your enjoying the view?” He responds that he is, and she says she will put his sexy face on him. He calls her a little dirty toilet bitch, and she shifts to the side so that he can reach his mouth on her pinky dirty hole. She continues playing with her pussy as he tongues and licks her. Then, she gets up to turn around and place her genitals on his forehead. He tells her that she is expecting a deep rimming. He is bouncing and she rotates from sitting down on her face. The pleasure is something she really loves. She comments on how uncomfortable it must feel for him, but because sheA’s so wet, she isnAt going to be concerned about his comfort level. Amelia informs him that she is going to need her sex for her lover. With her smell on her breath, the slave one room above will be able listen to their conversation. Again, she sits fully laden and rubs her large butt against his cheeks to make sure his tongue is well within her. You can clearly see that the slave’s tongue is in his hole every time she stands up. She stimulates him with some force and tells him to open his mouth. It’s now time for nightly food. With a grunt, she looks at the camera.

From: clubstiletto.com
Date: May 30, 2022
Category: CBT

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