Little Bitch Fucked In All.. –


Russian Queen M, Goddess Mia and one slave are keeping the other in the cage. They have fun having fun together. The slave, who is sporting large black cocks like the other girls is obviously excited. His cock is so small next to the women. They are impressed at the depth he is able to hold MiaEUR(tm’s cock. Queen M pats the slave’s cock, and informs him that she will soon be taking his cock to her. Slave is finally moved to the fucking benches, and Queen M goes on top of other slaves. M rubs MiaaEUR(tm), his stomach, and then slides his cock in his hole. She smacks her genitals, and then tells him that he’s a womanizer and a slut. They are really roasting their little guy, who is tied to the chair and forced to accept every thrust. As Queen M pound him, he really gets sweaty. Mia then takes his cock from his mouth, and it sprays a lot of cum on his face. You are bound and ready to be used

Date: September 10, 2022
Category: Kinky Fetish

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