Lick My Sweaty Workout Ass –


It opens with Mistress Irene working up sweat on her elliptical. The slave, who is sitting on her stool and her water bottle on her back, is all on her fours. She says, “AEURoeIf she doesnaEUR ™t lose it, IaEUR(tm),ll let him lick every bit of sweat off my body.” You can see her big tus and abs as she moves, and get great views from both below and above. As she exercises, you can clearly see her sweating. To remove the sweat, she rubs her palms against a breast. After taking a break, she tells her slave to climb behind her and lick her genitals. She says that she is aEURoeIaEUR(tm), sweaty all over and has been sitting on a bench for twenty minutes. The slave should have been working. He rubs her cheeks and licks his lips. He reminds her that men are coming to her every day and that he should do his best. AEURoeThere are times when I need more than one slave, she says and invites you to lick her armpit. After wiping her underarms, she brings her fingers to your lips to clean them. She is ready to work out more and has the slave return to her kneeling position. You can then view her entire body moving once again.

Date: August 24, 2022
Category: MILF

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