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Jayden Rose was featured on Stuffed Petite earlier this month. She performed so well, we decided to give her her 90-pound body back. However, we wanted more fun with her mouth and not packing her pussy. We signed her up for 1000 facials, and she seemed a lot more frightened than usual. We were told by her that she had a strong desire for cum, which is the main requirement to be on this website. She sucks deep, gags with the length of the whole thing, but her twinkle doesn’t shine too brightly until she looks up at her co-star and waits for the momentof truth. The one moment in which a torrent of splooge rains down upon her like a thundering, sperm-based apocalypse! Jayden laughed in the office after we finished filming: “Although I said that I liked cum, I did not think it meant that I would need a lifeguard for my scene!” All that was so much, I almost got drowned!A’Jayden is a repeated performer so we released her full-length film.

From: 1000facials
Date: October 4, 2022
Category: Rough Sex

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