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This 100% Russian woman was born in america, but can read & talk the speech, even has the emphasis! Shes a physically fit girl, with the firmest butt and breasts youve ever found! A total First Timer in adult, she jumps straight into public nudity if she visits a busy department store flashing her buttocks & butt, and getting even more frisky. Never been nude in public previously, she loves all of it! She runs topless from the parking lot while others men cheer on. Back home, she masturbates with the Eroscillator toy, using a fine, natural orgasm. Shes very wet inside! Speaking of wet… we check her out in a bikini, and then watch her use a water hose, then push it deep within her, and also squirt water out! She begins to love it she doesnt want to stop… and gets the water on full blast which makes her vagina one amazing water fountains. Her vagina is tight, that even with this pressure she can continue to keep the hose inside her. We then check her out in a black dress & heels, also then have her masturbate one more time… then proceed the kinky path and tug herself with a banana. As tight as she is, she can hold it deep in her, and move into whatever place she likes (that she ends up enjoying doggy with it). On the mattress, we get to appreciate her hot firm curves using a breast & buttocks massage, then extreme closeups of her private parts. Fingering her anus, she subsequently double penetrates herself with her fingers anally too. Most shes ever had in there! As the days end comes close, we observe her stretch in a sporty jogging outfit, and then have her head running topless with this very hot sunny day. An FTV exclusive, this rather distinctive woman definitely adds sexy assortment for FTV.

Date: September 15, 2020
Category: Outdoors

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