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I´m fulfilling my son´s new girlfriend for the very first time. Little does fairly Amanda Marie know I&severe;m an extremely protective German momma. I´ve investigated her background and discovered that she is not the woman she protrayed for my son. We sit down for a conversation with a few wine and leggy Amanda starts her string of lies. Dumb girl is clueless that my grinning face and pleasant conversation betray my aim to fuck her up. Amanda starts to feel the effects of the drink and understands what is happening. The bad woman tries to stand up to leave, but it’s too late. She stumbled back falling on the couch. I grab some rope and tie her arms behind her slender back yanking her elbows tightly. Hours later the fairly raven haired Amanda Marie wakes up in a cold basement tethered to a pole by her neck. Amanda struggles to get to her feet and pulls the neck rope but she is &intense;t escape. She sees my toenails high heels clicking on the concrete and comprehends that the contempt I have for her and the danger she faces. You aren’t good enough for the son missy. You’re a dancer in a strip pub and you’re in for a very long night of terror. I untie her throat rope and then pull down her panties. Terrified Amana Marie begs, pleads and cries out, however I have no shame and I stuff her panties in her mouth watering it fully and fasten them in tightly with vet wrap round her head gagging her silent. I XXXX Amanda to stand up onto a little crate and tie the tether rope into a overhead hook. Poor bitch can barely hold her balance. I pull on the rope tight and allow her to dance for me. Come on stripper girl, let&severe;s see you dance! Shake that ass like you’re doing from the pubs I taunt. I tire of this and push the woman off the cage. The rope round her throat tightens when her feet hit the floor. Amanda struggles to get back onto the crate, but I just take sadistic pleausre in tormenting her. I kick off the crate to the side and leave bad sobbing Amanda Marie choking. Amanda Marie struggles and eventually manages to scale back to the crate. I laugh and reunite with more rope tieing her knees tightly together. Well my bad man, you won´t be in a position to stand indefinitely. Soon your thighs will tire and guess what happens them. I laugh and walk out leaving poor helpless Amanda alone yelling and crying into her gag knowing it will only be a matter of time until she hangs herself.

Date: September 15, 2020
Category: Shemale

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