Rocco’s Golden Gapes –


As she awakens in her bikini meet with new babe brunette Adina Dena at the DDF Sauna. Slender but curvy, she allows her mind go off to sexual fantasies as she lays back in the warmth. . .Slipping her buttocks aside, she sticks around show off her firm titties and shaved pussy. She has a flush of pinkness for her skin, and you will almost feel her tight flesh under your hands, over your tongue, and across your cock!Adina’s got quite an remarkable butt, as her glamour porn pics show–and her thong is snug indeed between those cheeks!Once she is naked, she moans with all the ladle, over her smooth moundher nipples, and then finally cramming the deal into her snatch. The way in which the ladle is placed, if she were licked the juices could run the handle down in the cup!

Date: July 1, 2020
Category: Strapon

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