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Hey Guys, It’s me I did you miss me while I was off I’ve been busy as you wouldn’t think studying for my finals. The college I attend mostly boys and you understand how I’m around cock so needless to say it’s been hard for me since is sex. I walked in and sat at the table and started to doing my homework from school, I began touching my body slipping my hands and pulled on my tits out. I played with my tits and then I raised my skirt up and started rubbing my thighs all over and then I picked up my huge pen and gave it a suck before rubbing arcoss my perky nipples.I awakened and continued rubbing my tits and shifting my butt from side to side and then I lifted my skirt up and began rubbing my pencil in my pussy. I switched and teasingly ran my huge purse and then I removed my skirt and top and then I slipped my hands and rubbed against my excited pussy all over. I sat along with the glass table and gave my pen a suck and then I rubbed in clit and my pussy, making my pussy wet and hot and teasing myself like mad. I turned about and got up on my knees and pulled on my underwear to the side and then I rubbed my huge pen on my pussy and played with my tits and nipples. My pussy was getting very hot and I knew I had been inside. I gave my pen another sucking and sat down and I rubbed it all and then I rubbed my pussy up and down and spread my legs open wide and leaned back. I stood straight up and began playing with my tits rubbing against them and teasing along with my nipples and then I began rubbing my tender pussy and pulled down my panties. I slipped my finger inside my puss and squated back with my legs spread wide after which as I teasingly rubbed against my swelling clit, I began slidding it in and out. I sat and tilted back and then I again and slid my big pen fucking myself and sucking on my pencil forth and back. I put my feet up and moved right back to fucking my own pussy. My pussy was wet and hot and felt really great to be relieved, who’d ever thought that doing my assignments would be so much fun. I also gave my pencil a suck and got into Doggy and I slid back it indoors, fucking my pussy and rubbing my clit, making myself so prepared. I fucked my pussy hard and quick and lifted my leg and laid back down on the desk and then I slid my finger inside my bum hole playing with my holes at once. I pulled my finger and started massaging against my clit as fast as I could because I continued fucking my pussy with deep strokes, which makes me even more wet. I held on as long as I could squeezing my pussy but soon I lost all controll with myself a huge orgasm. I stuck it straight in my mouth and awakened slidding my pen, my pussy was so wet I just needed to taste what I’d done.

Date: May 31, 2020
Actors: Sheila Grant
Category: Fetish

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