Glamorous Czech babe Candice.. –



Teacher apprentices Sharka Blue Tooth and Mila Dark are preparing St. Marys School for Wayward Girls for the Huge annual Sundae Mass Fund raiser. Sharka asks where she could place them and comes in with a large basket of whipped cream while Milas setting up the candles. Even though Mila and Sharka graduated from St. Marys several ages ago, they are still pretty sterile, including the fact that they love to receive all messy and dyke out with other girls. Soon the two are smothering whipped cream around each others tight bodiesand have been ready to start sucking on each others clits, when Sr.. Veronica Da Souza grabs them. However, this sister joins right into all the messy and debauchery, and is no stranger to fun! Dont miss out! Get in on of the Wam madness inside or go to hell!

Date: May 31, 2020
Actors: Candice Luca / PD Jake
Category: Fetish

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