The Drill Sergeant 1 –


Lovely Amirah cant aid but dancing around her room, listening to her favorite bands, swinging around her delicious teen ass. However, since she dances to the beat, music’s untoward effects begin to have a hold of herand a desire start to construct between her legs. Collapsing into her mattress, Amirah starts to run her hands caressing her breasts that are small and stimulating her nipples to stand tough at focus. Amira Adala takes a minute to appreciate the royal color of purple from her soft skin. However, its focus is back and that she slides a hand between her legs. Slowly teasing the tiny bud of her clit, its so sensitive from dance around… Reaching around behind her, she gently slides two fingers into her now dripping wet butt hole. Kneeling on her bed spreading her thighs and finger herself, she proceeds to twist and buttocks wide, as though she was using a buff, so he can watch each inch his hard, throbbing, member slide in and out of her. With this dream inside her head, Amirah spreads her thighs wide rubbing her clit, desperate to get orgasmic release and turns over. It doesnt take long, her dream and music has pushed her wild and thighs have been quivering as she cums and soon her wrists are clenching her moans a sweet picture. Opening her eyes, Amirah didnt help but grin… and cant wait til youre there next to her finish what she started in her head.

Date: May 24, 2020
Category: Bondage

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