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Life is boring for me. ‘m a college professor whose husband hasnt fucked her. That I grade papers, provide lectures, and fantasy about getting fucked correctly all day. My lesson was to teach my students about African-American culture and to gather information I wanted to ask a black gentleman some inquiries. Little did this black fellow know I was taking him home to find a hands-on approach to my teaching procedures. That he couldnt resist since I did lay some heavy flirting although In the beginning he seemed reluctant. My husband was away at work Ice and I were lonely to have some drama. Until I had that black cock I had been counting down the moments. I never understood that I was able to drool and his penis was coated with my mouth juices that made a lube for me to slide his prick deep within me. Can I put my position in a way that is negative? I did. For large black cock I would do anything when he blasted deep inside my pussy and you could see the big smile. Hopefully my husband didnt smell the sex in the air when he got home from work.

From: Terapatrick.com
Date: May 22, 2020
Actors: Tera Patrick
Category: Hairy

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