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Felicia wastes no time and instantly dives right in, sucking Delaneys big juicy tits for a split second and moving south to lick Delaneys pierced pussy which both girls clearly enjoy. The 4 finger action starts early on and before we even knew it, her rocking back and forth while Felicia moved her fingers in and out had made Delaney cum. The 4 finger club is all about taking turns and fair play so of course, Felicia needed to have a nice orgasm to keep things even. Felicia definitely got hers when Delaney started by fingering her and then banged the hell out of her with a hot pink vibrator before moving on to a 4 finger assault on Felicias wet pussy. Felicia had a monster orgasm, grabbed Delaneys hand and then sucked her own cum off Delaneys fingers just how we like it.

From: Pissinginaction.com
Date: May 11, 2020
Actors: Paula / Roxyn
Category: Pissing

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