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Maxine X is smoking sexy. Virtually too. She’s tits that inspire fantasies that are wet and an ass that begs to get a fantastic fucking. Limber, sexy as hell, and submissive, Maxine is completely ideal for corporal punishment and a few demanding rope bondage. Jack Hammer has never been shy about revealing a woman a great time. Maxine is currently going to have the royal treatment. It isn just a couple of lines of rope around her limbs. This can be a severe caning throughout that pretty little ass of hers, tits tied off and put on, and a vibrator that will tear climaxes from her without mercy. Her holes are going to acquire a strong thumping from Mr. Pogo, our favourite dick on a pole. By the time Jack has his way with her she is going to be a cum and consumed heap of quivering flesh. There is a mindfuck coming. Mirror Maxine is left wondering exactly what the fuck he’s currently thinking If Jack comes out having a body length. As he bends rope and pulls her face she begins to discover what’s currently coming. Her tits are tied off and Jack catches a cane. While he begins running over her breasts she has the choice of watching herself accept the beating or staring right into her face, twisted in pain.

Date: April 7, 2020
Category: Penetration

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