Indoor Picnic –


“Oh,’m a little moist,” admits Carmen, her hand dangling down between her legs and a finger testing the moist opening she finds between them. With naughty eyes constantly darting to Marysa, Carmen places a pillow between them in order that the two nude ladies can break their heads tightly together as they begin to masturbate on the bed,”youre so sexy! “Sunlight streams through the windows on Marysas smooth black thighs as she shows Carmen her new teddy bear. Carmen is not playing with the teddy but with him to order the removal of their clothing as they giggle together in the sack. With a smile, her bra begs to the endure, her breasts barely contained in the cotton cloth. Under the orders that are teddys, Marysa opens up her tight shirt exposing her boobs in a pink bra that is glowing. Carmen reaches helping unhook her bra, exposing nipples that are amazing. Gradually, Marysa manipulates the endure until she pushes it in to snuggle inside so it pops at Carmens breasts. Together with the bear watching, they indulged in some mutual masturbation their eyes bodies tight with them,”you’re one naughty bear!”

Date: March 28, 2020
Actors: Janice Griffith
Category: Upskirt

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