Gangland #03, Scene #03 –


A slaves pain is her pleasure. Mistress Jessi enjoys putting her slaves through sexual frustration and pain. Jessi has her horny slave locked into a metal spiked chastity; not only will he not be able to fuck or masturbate, he will not be able to have an erection without extreme pain. The spikes inside the cage are extremely sharp, perfect for training a slaves cock into chastity. With no nasty erections getting in the way of pleasing his Mistress, 100% of his attention can now be devoted to serving her. She completely controls his cock now; he will not even be able to achieve an erection without her supervision and permission. Jessi sits on the slaves face, teasing him with the taste of her sweet wet pussy. She orders him to lick her clit, riding his face while his cock tries to grown as the metal spikes dig into his flesh. Seeing him in pain and frustration gets her even more wet. Jessi orders him to stick his tongue deep inside her pussy as she cums on his face. His cock tries to get hard but the sharp spikes prevent any erection; there will be no pleasure for the male slave while satisfying his Mistress orally. When Mistress Jessi is satisfied she looks down at his cock and sentences him to another week of spiked chastity training.

Date: March 26, 2020
Category: Squirting

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