Phoenix Marie gets her ass.. –


Im excited as with my friend Lucy Lauren has come up to visit me in my apartment! Im wearing a striped cropped t-shirt, a pair of knee length Hello Kitty socks, also on my little feet I have on my high shirt sneakers that are white. I have on a soggy and moist ID Slip. Lucy Lauren is wearing a white vest, some knee span penguin socks, and also a few pumps that are grey. She’s strapped into a Crinklz that has lots of beautiful little photos on it. Lucy Lauren is in a gorgeous little village in the south coast of England, and does lots of walking around the beach. She has suggested that while she is here, we do some exercise. Yet, its raining outside, so I think of a super entertaining ideawhy not work out indoors utilizing my machine that is Wii-Fit? In the end, its a terrific chance whilst wearing outfits to our liking, even if you understand what I am talking? ;-RRB- Lucy Lauren gets cracking straight away, shes so excited to take the lead, and grabs the controller pad! Her legs move up and down and she is currently giggling at exactly the exact identical time. Since it’s crinkling like crazy, and its apparent that her Crinklz is living up to its name! She then hands me the control pad and that I just take my turn. Its so much fun, running on the spot and receiving my heart racing! My legs work and the entire thing is made more pleasurable by the fact I can hear my soggy ID Slip squelching. And my peachy buttocks revved up and down is unquestionably cheeky:-RRB- What a time were all having. In Reality, Im fairly hoping it carries on raining so we can both stay where we all are;)

Date: March 25, 2020
Category: Fetish

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