I drag blonde Nikki Brooks in an abandoned warehouse. I&severe;m not thinking about Nikki, it is. Nikki&severe;s sister is. I XXXX the bitch to strip down to her panties and that I shove her down on a bed. I tie severe Nikki &;she cries out in pain and s elbows. I grope her ample tits and laugh. Nikki is really defiant and I am determined to stop her husband from taking my husband down. I shout acute & Nikki;s wrists and inform her that I’ll be sending pictures of severe & Nikki;s distress for her sister. I wrap her head upon layer of tape and then shove a rag in acute & the sobbing girl; therefore mouth. Nikki is scared from her head and that works flawlessly for my plan. I grab Nikki&severe;s pussy while I add a tight crotch rope dividing her pussy in 25, and she squeals in horror. I tie ankles and her thighs along roll her over on her belly to get a tight hogtie. The woman sobs wondering what is going to happen to her. Well, well Nikki let&extreme;s just hope your sister makes the decision to drop the case from my spouse once she gets these images of you personally bound and gagged…. Otherwise acute & you;ll vanish.

Date: March 1, 2020
Category: General porn

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