I run a tight ship t tolerate my bar girls wasting time fighting. Everyone needs to hustle and severe & so there;s no time for crap. Whitney Morgan and Roxie Rae among acute & my very best aren;t on the floor working and they are found by me in the middle of yet another time wasting argument. No you dumb bimbos I won’t correct the program so acute & you;re not behind the bar Both are fired!! The 2 blondes beg me to not fire them saying they will do anything to keep their jobs. I really make a snap decision to make an example from them and I throw a heap of rope in Whitney. I demand that she begin tying up Roxie. Whitney fumbles using the rope so I grab Roxie&extreme;s elbows and rope up them ensuring to cinch the rope . While I put in a rope for her 12, whitney ties her legs. These two Hooter girls don&severe;t stop whining and yapping so that I shove a huge ballgag to Roxie&severe;s mouth then push on her down into the floor to create Whitney add a crotch rope. Whitney threatens to go job in Wing House or Twin Peaks when I don&severe;t stop roping them up, but I understand that she&severe;s been fired from both those areas so I ignore her and place Roxie in a tight hogtie. Now severe it &;severe & s Whitney;s time. I bind her elbows then add rope. Whitney won’t stop running her big mouth so that I strap a ball gag between her lips. I finish the bondage and can think straight. I hogtie Whitney and depart both brat girls bound, gagged and struggling to the floor in the sneakers and Hooter uniforms waiting for the remaining employees to find out what occurs to time wasters!!!

Date: February 28, 2020
Category: General porn

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