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My roommate Raven Eve has been getting on my own nerves. Because she likes it cold, severe & she; s been booted up the air conditioner and the bill is out of hands. Raven won’t cover half the bill to make things worse. I sit her down to go over the problem but things innovate and she wrestles down me to the ground. I try to eliminate but I am grabbed by the bitch in a tight choke hold and I am gasping for breath. She fights like crazy and is still on top on me although I have to straddle her couch. We wrestle each other and is so damn strong. She scissorhold me and smother her until she’s & extreme and I can breath but I catch a burst of strength . While I’ve got the chance, I grab a pair of thumb cuffs and immobilize her hands. I tie her ankles crossed together tightly then I slap her face to wake her up. Raven is so stunned to find herself tied up however I add more rope crushing her elbows together behind her back and while she´therefore in the center of running her huge mouth I push a enormous ballgag involving her lips and then strap it into nice and tight so that Raven starts to drool instantly. I have the chance to scissor her neck mocking her and laughing in her helplessness. Next comes a super crotch rope attached pinning them down and yanked up into her jeans. I roll up up the brunette MILF on her abdomen and hogtie her throughout the elbow rope. Inadequate Raven is arched up uncomfortably. I reside on hit and her bound body a victory pose unable in her hogtie and leaving sanity bound.

From: Milfgigi.com
Date: February 16, 2020
Category: General porn

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