Cadence is sitting on the sofa after a very long week at law college – intense & she;s XXXX some wine looking innocent and sweet. I come home. I sit down to unwind and talk with my daughter about her big exam in law and she asks me about the case I&severe;m building against a notorious mob boss – a ruthless woman who&intense;s out smarted the legal method for decades. I´ve finally accumulated enough evidence against her and that I &severe;m prepared to detain her. Cadence goes into her room and completes her wine. Cadence is attacked from behind when she enters her bedroom and a wet rag covers her mouth and nose. She fights against the major guy holding her with all her might, but she’s soon enveloped in slumps and darkness out cold on the mattress. The guy cleave gags Cadence and about binds her beating her elbows together and cinching them closely. He lifts up her skirt over her sweet round ass fondles and gropes her limp body and also ends up tieing her ankles. I&severe;m in the kitchen engrossed in studying testimony when I am forefully caught and ambushed from the strong guy and oblivious. He XXXX me to inhale the rag held around my head and I move out. He takes and feels my body lifts up me above his shoulder and into acute & Cadence . There is A rag pushed in my mouth and sealed using clear tape. My elbows have been tied together and that I wake tied and lieing near Cadence. My eyes widen in panic and that I scream into my gag. I see as the big man feels intense & that my daughter; s nude breasts and gropes. What are you really doing here and he catches a rope and then wraps it around sweet Cadence & severe although I sob, but my words are ;s neck. I start to panic. I understand that the mob boss has delivered him to stop me ! Nooooooooo!!!!!

Date: February 15, 2020
Category: General porn

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