Irresistable –

0% believes in truth in advertising, as apparently so does Tony because that 22 year old walked to the studio at a red shirt with Sinner spelled out throughout the front and only the look in his dark brown eyes allows you to know immediately that the phrase is far out of honorary. He dropped his cherry at 15 a to hot 20 year woman, and talking about that very first time caused his shorts to move to tented. Im addicted to jacking, Tony told me , once to three times per day because I was 13 and went on to discuss he has a bit of the exhibitionist streak. Not in front of a great deal of folks, but if a few want to watch me have sex, I wouldn’t mind. It had been exam time when we filmed this, and cramming for exams abandoned Tony no opportunity to perform some cramming of any type, his own fist, as he said he had a seven day straight back up of semen ready to be published. He said it’d be a three-way with not two girls, but a couple when we asked him what his greatest dream is. That gave us some ideas of things to do with Tony second time but for now, Tony has the exact identical thing in his mind as we did, his cock.With a heavy lidded, pleasant grin, Tony stares into the camera as he squeezes his crotch, licking his lips. He juts his hands inside his pants to work the pole that’s getting harder by the moment. His shorts are somewhat all spacious his shaft is in his hands, and from one look those chunks are, stating its been a week because he donned them was true as the Sinner. Tony gets the minor attitude mixed with a watch in case I need I dont give a fuck vibe which makes him sexy package. Even though Christmas is over, that bundle is what Tony is ready to open next, and he would like to take action while you watch.We have a glimpse of his hole as he chooses to the chair, spreads his legs wide, also functions that pole while he offers those plump chunks that the breathing room they control. That sack is so complete; you may feel the balls by simply looking at it. Thats the reason In the event you were wondering Tony keeps biting on his lip! When he chooses a seat in the arm of the seat, unless he were mistaken, he seems he was enjoying a little back stimulation as he proceeds to work that rod and bends . He doesn’t have to mention a word to allow you to know he is aware that his backside is decorative Since he shows off his hole. As he moves to the chaise, he reaches back and grabs as if he is afraid the pace of the burst will send him flying around the room. However, what he sends flying is the assault of semen the first three jets fired beyond our camera while the last few continued to ooze down his shaft on his fist after we stopped rolling. We’ll be visiting more of Tony and it’s our objective to allow it to happen that, until he leaves, a top with the term underside will be true as sinner is now. On that note, bottoms up guys Happy New Year from all of us at

Date: February 11, 2020
Actors: Tony Michaels
Category: Gay porn

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