I was lured to the deserted building under the guise of a superheroine reunion. Regrettably it had been a set up – a trap – and I had been ambushed!! The clip starts as I discover myself brutally bound into a chair with my arms crushed together behind my back struggling to escape. In walk my 2 arch rivals – the Pink Cougar!!! and the Green Goddess What is this? They laugh at my predicament and also tell me that this is my death. I have been in their nemesis for two years and they start the anguish which will destroy me. I stole the Pink Cougar&severe;she is here to receive it back and s glove twenty decades ago significantly reducing her powers . The Green Goddess unzips my black shiny catsuit and her spouse clover nipple clamps sending jolts of pain are attached by Pink Cougar. I have my abilities and I struggle to escape. The duo tag teams alternating the madness. Green Goddess unbuckles my belt that is powerful and eliminates it. I believe my powers slipping away and I begin to panic. I am KatWoman and I will not go !!!! down As they yank on it taunting me by placing my belt within my 19, the string around my throat tightens. While the Green Goddess drops a bucket attached to the pulley round my 20, pink Cougar climbs onto my lap. She turns. Every inch of water reduces my ability to breath and I begin to choke and sputter. Pink Cougar blindfolds me together with my electricity belt and they give me more opportunity to reveal where exactly what I did with her glove that is overlooking. I shout under my ballgag as the Green Goddess tells me I & acute and laughs;m all washed up. The neck chain is becoming unbearable and the Green superheroine lifts my masks threatening to unmask me. Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I believe my mask being lifted off my face and that I shout The superheroine duo depart their nemesis perish and to tease!!!!!

Date: February 8, 2020
Category: General porn

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