My brand new submissive Terra Mizu has agreed to be my maid today. I&severe;m sitting out Terra and waiting is not here serving me. Terra!!! I´m waiting! She hobbles and apologizes on together with her ankles and arms. Her stockings appear terrible with seams that are crooked. Clumbsy Terra loses her balance and spills the drink all over me! I push a massive ballgag in to her mouth and sit down. I continue to chastise poor Terra and rope her wrists up. You don&severe;t need to be the wench – that you may function as party favor for my guests I inform the submissive woman. I tighten her elbow rope beating her elbows and insert a tight yankiing her butt uniform up high. Terra proceeds to moan and mew throughout her gag instructed and she gets down on her knees. I tell the maid and she is hogtied by me. I rest my heels in my body telling fairly Terra that she needs to struggle within her bondage afternoon for my party guests and fondle her body plus she needs to begin struggling today. I watch as Terra rolls about struggling and moaning inside her gag.

Date: February 3, 2020
Category: General porn

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