I wake up to find just two burglars in my house trying to rob me and it is apparent that the man is a entire idiot and his girl Genevieve is totally in charge. She needs he tie me up and then he moans my wrists together behind my back. can fuck if he enables me to go If Genevieve goes away to get the safe I make a drama for Ray informing him. He says that he wants to make it look good for his partner in crime therefore my ankles are bound by him. I rub my ass up against his cock and promise him a time. He pulls down my panties to gag me but is too dumb to realize that my ankles are not bound. Instead he squeezes a rag and then wraps my head with layers of elastic. I fight on the ground watching since Genevieve comes back and continues to insult him. Eventually he does what I advised him to perform catching her about and tying her up. He binds her arms gags her puts her in a hogtie. I think he & extreme; s going to untie me but he decides severe & that he doesn;t want either of us he ends off me in a hogtie and cranks my elbows together cinching the rope closely. He leaves both people gagged bound and struggling while he makes off with the stone out of my safe!

Date: January 31, 2020
Category: General porn

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