Sexy Carmen Valentina is resting in her bed. She gets up and puts on her panties and bra then she poses in front of her mirror checking herself out. She is unaware that someone else is checking her out too. King Noire is currently peeping inside her window and getting super excited knowing that she’ll be his. He rubs his penis through his trousers . When Carmen goes to the bathroom the man jimmies the window open and creeps inside her home. He hides around the corner of this area waiting to grab her by suprise. Carmen walks down the hallway and ends up her lipstick. Suddenly the black guy clamps his hand over her mouth and grabs her from behind. Carmen´s eyes go as she tries to scream for help, but her pathetic screams are muffled as he moves his hands. He pins her entire body together with his vice like grip over her mouth and divides her back because his other hand begins to grope and investigate her curvy body hammering his menacing goals. He kisses and bends her throat as she whimpers. Carmen sobs and cries in terror knowing she’s helpless in his grip tears well up. He tells her to remove his belt he can bind her wrists together with it and pushes her to her knees. He pulls his big black cock making Carmen suck and lick it and unzips his jeans. He face fucks her and Carmen chokes and gags on his cock that is massive. She sucks his cock for some time then her moves up and kisses and licks her neck and cleavage pawing in her entire figure as she sobs and fights. He rips her panties off leaving Carmen naked throws her. He ballgagged and has her bound on the bed spread-eagle. Carmen begs an cries into her gag as he churns the previous rope. He stands over the bed looking down in his beauty that is helpless. He then lays on top of her and begins to rub on his dirty hands on her body, kissing her as he’s dry humps her. Carmen struggles helplessly in the ropes, tugging at the ropes but it is futile she could &severe;t get away. He then strikes her enormous tits sucking on her nipples and fondles her tits. He is currently getting really turned on and that he goes down on her tight pussy. He eats her pussy for a long time then fingers her pussy and plays then going back to keep on feeding her pussy and throat licking his way up. Intense & carmen;s entire body betrays her as she yells succeeds in pleasure now as she pulls at the ropes. He then sucks her licks on her clit bringing her to climax. Carmen screams into her gag as she cums turning and twisting to the bed to the limits of the ropes holding her limbs spread-eagle. Then he thrusts it and pulls out is thick cock. Carmen can&severe;t with his cock, her eyes roll back in her mind as the guy fucks hard her. Her weak feelings are conflicted as she’s still revolted and disgusted from the abusive act but as his big cock fucks she is turned on at precisely exactly the same time and arouses her pussy. He pounds her pussy fast and hard then pulls his penis out as the mattress is wriggled helplessly on by bad Carmen. His shoots his load of cum over her tummy then he stands up and wipes off his cock with her panties. She looks up at him with tears in her eyes as he leaves her still bound and gagged on the bed and catches his clothes.

Date: January 31, 2020
Category: General porn

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