Monika Fucks and Watches as.. –


A gang of studs that are hung are shooting at some balls at a bowling alley when horny slut Kristy needs and moves a fuck. She has a group of men strip down her and rub on her pussy and she then takes turns sucking on each of their cocks with a deep throat treatment. Monika watches at the corner and requires a challenging finger banging while Kristy is roasted by each of the studs; then they shoot turn abusing her tight pockets. Because they see Kristy get gang banged in the 20, then, Monika gives a guy a nice blow job. Kristy has her bum hole split by every one of the men anal poundings while Monika rides her man. Kristy enjoys to go ATM and her juice is sucked up by her after having her ass filled. Ultimately this slut is bukkaked and left covered with the cum of guys leaving her man to be finished by Monika with facial and a blowjob hair.

Date: January 24, 2020
Actors: Christina / Monika
Category: Penetration

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