Naked Bella wakes up bound and gagged on her couch. Her garments are gone and she’s left with nothing on but her stiletto boots. She struggles to get herself free, however the ropes cut into her flesh and also then won&severe. Intense & bella;s her ankles jumped along with a tight pussy splitting crotch rope and elbows. Her attempts are useless, although she tries to hit to loosen up the crotch rope. Bella attempts to catch up but winds up rolling up and wiggling her entire body to try to reach the door. She looks around to ensure nobody is watching as she gets to slow travel. Finally she wrestles with the lock with her booted feet and gets it. The door doesn&extreme;t fade and groans and Bella grunts in frustration. Finally catch the lock open the doorway and she manages to stand upright. She&extreme;s almost outside when I grab the opportunity to reevaluate her efforts. As she attempts to jump out I slip up behind the nude beauty and that I pull her back to the home. Oh my litte sufferer, where would you feel you&severe;re going? I put bad Bella back on the ground and include more rope to her body. I bind her wrists and then place her. Bella rolls over and grope her pretty straight body. I have a surprise for you sweetie. I catch a vibrator and excite her pussy. Open those legs. I press on it up to her pussy and insert the vibrator. I sit on the sofa to watchh Bella cum repeatedly and over.

Date: January 19, 2020
Category: General porn

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