Color Me Bad Babes –


When youre coming to Gina Killmers office you better believe some weird shit is gonna go down, because this babe is all about the wet and messy, so much so that even before Lara arrives at her office she was so horny from her sexy bloused up and striped stockings self that she just had to put her book down, bust out the lube, and gel up her panties for some nice external rubbing. Lara is coming to see Gina because she needs some legal help since she was caught trying to steal a cell phone, and shortly after Lara arrives she begins to realize that kinky Gina is up to some games, and Lara knows she has to do anything she wants in order to receive her help, so before she knows it her black, satin blouse is getting squirted with gel, and from there the colored gels come out in their full glory (as Gina just happens to have big bowls of the stuff lying around), and while originally hesitant, by the time Gina is rubbing Laras ass down in sloppy goodness Lara is putty in her hands and they get completely covered in various colors of gel! Sexy and dirty action from the queen of WaM, Gina Killmer!

Date: January 16, 2020
Actors: Gina Killmer / Lara
Category: Fetish

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