Adriana Esteve and Natali.. –


A rich stud is bored so he’s his friends bring a hot sexy blonde and a fiery red head . After a dip, he sucks their tight pussies, finger banging their bum holes to receive them prepared for what is to cum and rips off their hot lingerie. He women taste each other’s pussies then get their man using a blowjob; while another gives him deep throat one of them sucks his sack. The red head babe slams her pussy onto his cock with a cow girl while having her clit rubbed by Natali. The women swap positions and then the blond babe is determined by her side and opens her ass when sucking on pussy to take some tough anal. He gives a twist fucking her with a few hardcore anal and dangling her over to the ginger after filling the blonde’s ass. Eventually , these sluts go ATM and take a facial out of his fat juicy cock.

Date: January 16, 2020
Category: Blonde

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