Curvy redhead Lana Lane is a stripper who works at a local night club. She has been teased and teased by an unkknoown stalker who states he wishes to marry her and make her his servant. Lana is frightened and his harrassment is currently ruining her life. Lana enters her house tired after a very long night of emptying. Her phone rings and it’s the stalker. He tells Lana he is very, very near her and he is supporting her grabbing her into a choke hold. Lana awakens in a abandoned garage naked except for her strappy sandals along with her little little thong. She is horribly hogtied. Her arms are massively tied to the wrist having a lot of thin rope from upper fused elbows. Her legs are also tied to knees from ankles as well as the ropes dig into her flesh. Bound ankles and wrists that are bound are all fused. She struggles to maneuver but each motion creates the bondage more painful. Poor helpless Lana yells out looking about and she realizes just how awful the problem is. Panic sets in when she sees her stalker approach her. He tells Lana to wed him she shakes her head . He gets down on the mattress that is dirty and starts to grope Lana leaves her there until she changes her mind and pretending to become his spouse. He asks if she has changed her thoughts and yields. Never! Never! She cries. The stalker sparks her knees out of the hogtie and sets the girl in a vertical strappado. Her crossed feet touch the floor along with the Lana sways and loses her balance. He leaves her. When he returns the following day that he asks the standard question and the woman provides the normal response”Never!” She is suspended by her wrists to the ceiling. The man uses clover nipple clamps and a ring gag. In his hands is a taser and that he starts to shock Lana in an attempt to change her head. Lana moves out and the guy throws water on her to wake her up. He asks her time when she will become his wife and when Lana still fails her bound body reaches and over until she faints remaining bound to the ceiling.

Date: January 14, 2020
Category: General porn

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