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Severe desperation leads to a major wetting injury in this embarrassing video.This is a fairly brief movie, due mainly to Sosha being extremely desperate and unable to continue really long. She takes home bursting however, discovers her bathroom into the bathroom. Her only choice is to attempt to take a longer path to the bathroom, but starting to dribble, she is unable to make it.About halfway to the toilet she awakens, unable to take another step without depriving herself. There is. An torrent is transformed into by her dribbles. Helplessly standing at the middle of the area, she completely soaks her brightly colored pants because she pees herself.When she eventually ends peeing she continues to stand there for a moment, stunned, not able to think that she had just wet herself. Ultimately, she makes her way to the bathroom sporting her high heeled pants, to clean herself up.

From: Hdwetting.com
Date: January 14, 2020
Category: Pissing

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