Andi Anderson –


My group is currently blowing and that I wished to add a teen to it. I knew Once I encounter Andi Anderson, I’d hit the jackpot. Her titties were popping from her shirt and her lips looked like they had been created to suck black dick. To be able to convince her that being within my elite pornography wasnt a bad thing at 30, shes young and a bit nieve I used that for my benefit. I couldnt stop thinking of her fat titties because we made the drive back into my”Den of Diabolic Deeds”. Her giggles of nervousness acquired my black dick more difficult because I snapped off pictures for yall to check out. She thought that the day was done but little did she know that video of her playing with my dick was later on. She kissed out my team that was black and nearly fainted at the notion of slipping it up in her. She caoted my own dick with her mouth juices and I had to think of something in order not to pop early. Since I just had to fuck that tight white pussy, I had to cut. Holy fuck, she had been moist and it did take a while because of her pussy to works its way all the way. I taken a fat load round her face and couldnt hold back any further.

Date: January 14, 2020
Actors: Andi Anderson
Category: 1 on 1

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